The Consequences of Recreational Marijuana

Studies prove the societal costs of legalized drugs far outweigh the revenue marijuana sales bring. Let’s keep Arkansas safe from this fate!

Spreading Truth About Marijuana

We’re on a mission to save Arkansas from the destructive effects of legalized drugs, and we need your support. Many cities around the nation are destroyed, and now Arkansas is at risk. Help keep Arkansas communities secure and our citizens safe.

Safe & Secure Communities is dedicated to sharing information about the effects of legalization experiments in other states, and we fight back against the marijuana industry that profits from an addictive substance. 

Vote NO on Issue 4

The Results Are In

In 2012, Colorado became the very first U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana. What are the results? Read the report here.


rise in fatal crashes where the driver tested positive for marijuana


of traffic fatalities attributed to pot, with 26% caused by drunk driving


higher than the national average in marijuana use for minors


contribution to the state’s budget, abysmal compared to the consequences

Protect Arkansas Youth

After smoking marijuana, a teen’s thinking abilities bounce back more slowly than an adult’s. Regular use leads to a permanent decrease in learning capabilities, a shortened attention span, and an impaired ability to communicate. Researchers also link youth use of marijuana to mental illness and psychosis.

The pot industry is directly targeting kids, even though hundreds of scientific studies show that marijuana – especially today’s high-potency weed – permanently damages the teenage brain. Teens who smoke pot regularly drop out at twice the rate of non-users, and as adults they earn less and have a lower IQ.

Legal marijuana will only tempt more teens. In their inexperience, they will drive or take other foolish risks. Not looking beyond today, they will sacrifice their potential. And we all will lose.

Secure Safety Now

Marijuana-related policy changes, including legalization, have significant unintended consequences for children, adolescents, and cities large and small. Safe communities start with your support, so help us fight back!

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